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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Take Care of Your Physical & Mental Health: 3 Tips to Start Your Day Off Right

Balancing work, school, hobbies, and personal relationships while still getting your daily workout in can be overwhelming. Exercise releases endorphins that can be crucial in keeping not only our mood up, but also helping us physically and emotionally prepare for the long day we have ahead. Jazz up your morning routine with these simple steps to start your day feeling calm and ready for what the day has in store:

1. Start with a 5 Minute Meditation

Even if you think maybe meditation is only for yogis and hippies, spending a short five minutes each day after you wake up away from all the many distractions in your life can be extremely beneficial for your mental health. Get in a comfortable position, either laying down or sitting cross-legged, close your eyes and try to clear your mind. Focus on your breathing, keeping it nice and even. Use some soothing ambient sounds if you’re having a hard time leaving the outside world behind.

2. Hydrate

As we run around all day at work or school, it can be hard to stay hydrated throughout the day. While you’re at home, start it off on the right foot! Pour yourself a large 16-ounce glass of water upon waking up in the morning. This will help wake your body up and start you off nice and hydrated for the rest of your busy day.

3. Low Impact 10 Minute Workout

Spending just ten minutes in the morning on a low-impact workout will help your body physically prepare for the day ahead and also mentally invigorate you. Whether you prefer walking around the block, cycling around the park or walking on the treadmill at home, these ten minutes will clear your mind and energize you for the day ahead! 

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